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Side2Side is a clothing line that was established in 2006. Our mission through God, is to promote racial unity and racial peace, and we express that through our clothing. 


We are appreciative!

Kandace Clark

Hello Side2Side family! We just wanted to take the time out to say that we greatly appreciate the support from everyone, and it means a lot to us. We are continuing to grow and we can't do that without support and we thank everyone for that. All of the Facebook and Instagram "likes" we appreciate, and most importantly the clothing, because that's what really spreads the word. When you wear "Love Thy Neighbor" or "Side2Side", you may not realize it but you are spreading our ministry of love, and that is our goal. We pray that you will continue to help spread the word, and that you may lead someone's mentality that is lost, in the right direction. We love you!

Melvin Lee Porter, Jr.

Kandace Clark

He was the best man on this Earth. He was the creator of this business from the concept to the artwork, and he wanted to spread God's word through his creativity. January 5, 2018 was the day Heaven gained an angel, and we know he will continue to watch over us. We love him unconditionally and we know he loved us unconditionally, especially his "baby-cakes". We will continue to carry on his vision, and mission for God and Side2Side, as he would've wanted us to. We know he is looking down on us and we pray that we continue to make him proud. 

We love you Daddy and we will always miss you
-Teresa, Kristyn, Kandace & Thomas, and Miranda (baby-cakes)


Kandace Clark

Welcome to the official Side2Side website! We are very blessed and excited that God has given us the opportunity to spread a peaceful and unifying word in his name! We are also thankful that we are now able to provide you with a better and easier way to view and purchase our products. We will have sales and discount codes from time to time, so keep checking back with us via our website and Facebook! Share God's word of peace, love, and unity with your friends and family through our clothing! We are on a mission to promote racial unity and racial peace. We love you no matter what color you are.